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Remote working

Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, many companies had their employees work from home in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

As a result, many employees had to adapt their homes in order to continue their work activities. This new lifestyle gave some people an incredible opportunity… to travel while still working!



In order to assist you and make the most out of this situation, amerindia hotel has upgraded its set-up to provide spacious rooms accomodated for remote working, while… you enjoy Cusco!

  • Spacious rooms for 1 or 2 guests, equipped with a tub and water massage,
  • Free Wi-fi and printer available,
  • Work desk, lamp and a chair,
  • Room service (meals and drinks),
  • Restaurant,
  • Hotel and Restaurant certified as ““COVID-19 Safe Property” by certified authorities.


1. Remote work is still work!

To ensure effectiveness of your remote work, it is paramount you undertake this new situation seriously. Indeed, working from home or another location does not mean you have to reduce your responsibilities. You should ensure to complete all your duties on-time. This is key to ensure success!

2. Dedicate a work area

Another important recommendation is the importance of having your own dedicated work area. You should feel comfortable with this area, with little to no distractions. Consider working in a space that is quiet and organized in order to enhance productivity.

3. Strengthen your relationships

All workers must adapt to this new working environment, using more technology tools for its effectiveness. This will require further team work and communication amongst all colleagues.

4. Maintain effective communication

No doubt, a very important point to ensure productivity is effective communication. It is important to maintain at least the same communication level as when you were working in person.

To ensure this, you should consider implementing the following measures: Connect to a digital platform (Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.) to be easily accessible during working hours, keep a detailed log of daily activities and immediately send a communication out if a task cannot be completed on time.

5. Respect the working hours

To ensure the same productivity as the one you had at the office, it is very important to respect the working hours and schedule. Therefore, we recommended for you to follow the same routines as you were during your in-person work life. For example, use an alarm to wake up early in the morning, take a shower and eat a healthy breakfast to ensure productivity throughout your day.

6. Avoid distractions during remote working hours

When we work at home or anywhere but the office,we can be easily distracted by social media or other tasks around the house. To avoid that, we recommend communication with your team to be through strict means such as email, Microsoft Teams, etc. We also recommend you to have a clear conversation with your family to get their support and ensure they will respect your work space and work hours.